Research & Support

...the foundation for a continues success

Attikouris Medical research and support team of biomedical engineers and in coordination with the sales team of the division, are highly motivated for selecting technological progressive solutions that have not yet been introduced in Cyprus. The staff comprises of qualified medical technicians who are trained to the highest standard in understanding, maintaining and servicing all equipment installed in Cyprus.


Work with Us:

  • DOCTORS: We provide doctors with ergonomic and efficient medical devices and consumables that offer best-in-class medical and patient outcomes. Our international suppliers serve some of the most competitive medical systems in the world, and are continually innovating and introducing new technology. We work carefully with our suppliers to ensure that our medical consumables and equipment brought to Cyprus represents the best standard of care available.
  • SMALL CLINICS AND DOCTORS OFFICES: We offer a range of small-scale equipment as well as all medical consumables and hygienic equipment needed for small clinics and doctors offices in Cyprus. As a small clinic or office, we understand that you need to rely on your supplier to ensure your patients get the best quality of technology and consumables, delivered on time and in full every time. Our medical equipment is known for its long durability and accuracy, and is designed with ergonomics and price competitiveness in mind.
  • MAJOR CLINICS AND HOSPITALS: We equip major clinics and hospitals in Cyprus with leading technology that saves lives and gives hope to patients. Our suppliers provide world-class, leading innovative solutions for radiology, radiotherapy, proton therapy and other technologies. Our suppliers such as Fukuda Denshi or Varian Medical Technologies, are well-known for the longevity and quality of their equipment. We also represent innovative suppliers of other technology, as well as a wide range of disposables and consumables. Whatever your needs, Attikouris Medical works with you do develop the most effective technical and financial solutions for your needs.
  • PATIENTS AND END-USERS: Medical technology is changing. The equipment and therapies that were considered space age ten years ago are standard today. Make sure you get the best medical technology and equipment available. Our innovative medical equipment enables you to monitor and manage your health at home or at the office. We supply innovative, high tech monitoring systems such as blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters, anti-epileptic devices, defibrillators, infra-red thermometers and other equipment that represents top quality technology at very affordable prices. We also work with selected hospitals and clinics to bring the leading technology in areas such as ultrasound scanning, vascular screening and others to Cyprus.

No request is too small or too big for us...

Attikouris Medical team can provide a solution to almost any request that you might have, even for products not listed in the website.

Please contact us at any time to learn more about working with us and how to integrate our leading medical technology into your everyday life here in Cyprus.