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Normothermia Management – Allon System by MTRE

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Maintaining patient normothermia pre-, peri- and post-operatively is a critical element of preventing complications, e.g: impaired drug metabolism, prolonged recovery from anesthesia, cardiac morbidity and abnormality, surgical bleeding, wound infections, and postoperative shivering and pain.

The Allon is a revolutionary NON-INVASIVE system that controls your patients temperature throughout all stages of surgery.

The system consists of an algorithm driven heat pump that supplies warm or cold water to the ThermoWrap™ garment worn by the patient.

Core and surface temperature sensors provide continuous feedback temperature from the patient that enables automatic
temperature regulation and monitoring.

The anesthesiologist in Cyprus can now chooses the exact desired core temperature and the Allon does the rest.


ThermoWrap is an integral part of the Allon system. The Wrap comes in various sizes and shapes to meet the needs of any surgical procedure. The Wrap covers the Patient in a suit-like matter, fastened with Hook & Loop strips which can be adjusted easily without impairing its use. Water Channels in the Wrap grant a constant flow of water to facilitate energy transfer to the Patient. The Water Temperature is regulated according to feedback from Core and Surface Temperature Sensors placed on the Patient.

Available for:

  • Infants
  • Pediatric
  • Universal
  • Cardiac
  • Preoperatively: For early initiation of warming during preoperative preparations.
  • Intra-Operatively: Eliminates rapid decrease in core temperature.
  • Post Operatively: To maintain patients temperature at recovery room.


  • General Surgery: The investigated water warming system results in better maintenance of intraoperative normothermia than routine air forced warming applied to upper- and lower body 3
  • Pediatric surgery: Perioperative thermoregulation using the Allon system is safe and effective in maintaining body temperature within a narrow range in children undergoing brief surgical procedures 4
  • Cardiac surgery: The Allon thermoregulation system maintains core normothermia in more than 80% of patients undergoing off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery. Normothermia is associated with better cardiac and vascular conditions, a lower cardiac injury rate, and a lower inflammatory response 5
    Maintenance of perioperative normothermia during OPCAB procedures can be efficiently achieved with the Allon thermoregulation system. The system was found to be superior to other routinely used methods of temperature maintenance 6

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5. Thermo-wrap technology preserves normothermia better than routine thermal care in patients undergoing o-pump coronary artery bypass and is associated with lower immune response and lesser myocardial damage. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2005 Jun;129(6):1371-8.
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