Body temperature

Body temperature

Body temperature

Hypothermia Management – CritiCool PRO by MTRE

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The CritiCool Pro combines all the advantages of CritiCool with Mennen Medical’s VitaLogik Patient Monitor, for an even more effective Non-Invasive approach to Target Temperature Management.

CritiCool Pro is the ultimate comprehensive hypothermia workstation that Increases staff convenience for an accurate patient treatment.


Live Monitoring: Complete Vital Signs and Waveforms, displayed on a 12" high resolution colorful, touch-screen display.

Extensive storage capability: Full disclosure, Charts, Trends and Event Strips. Alarms with status messages of all vital signs and parameters can be configured to the needs of the medical staff.

Accurate Treatment: Precise Therapeutic Target Management allowing the slow and gradual rewarming.


CerebraLogic – Front End EEG Amplifier & aEEG by Mennen Medical:

  • CerebraLogik : 2 channel EEG / aEEG – "Amplitude Integrated EEG"
  • The EEG and aEEG are displayed and stored simultaneously with patient's vital signs EEG / aEEG and Vital signs can be downloaded to PC for display and analysis

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